Consulting Sessions

A consultant is a specialist who provides advice professionally. It differs from psychotherapy in many ways. Mental health professionals usually work on the same level of influence as that of the problem to solve. For example, if a thinking pattern or behavior is problematic, they will focus on reconditioning thoughts and actions.

As a consultant for spiritually-oriented mental illness, my goal is to help you integrate a higher perspective. My work isn’t to dissect the imbalances that caused the issue. It is to help you understand why you chose this experience in the first place. I do not see spiritually-oriented mental health issues as pathology. I see them as beneficial transitional imbalances. A higher perspective eliminates the victim mentality around these imbalances. The simple recognition of such issues from an empowered perspective can resolve them.

The consulting sessions take root in 2 ideas:
1) Feeling is healing.
2) Seeing from a higher perspective transforms what is observed.

I am there to help you understand what is really going on spiritually. Analyzing thought patterns and behavioral conditioning can be beneficial, but is limited in its healing potential. It is like looking at your life from a keyhole. Seeing the bigger picture brings optimal healing because higher sight translates to higher transformation power. I am simply there to understand what your soul is trying to express through these imbalances.

An initial assessment of the client will determine how I tailor my approach. I am aware that not everyone is open to concepts such as “higher selves” and “transcendence.” The initial questionnaire will determine the “language” I use. Throughout the consulting sessions, you will be encouraged to make connections between your spirituality and mental imbalances. Practical exercises may be suggested. My approach is holistic. This means that the advice I provide focuses on body activity just as much as mental examination and spiritual insight.

Here are the points that I focus on during the sessions:
1) What is transcendence?
2) The dynamics of transcendence when it comes to healing.
3) Symptoms that arise from an imbalanced transcendence.
4) Mental geometry and its involvement in pathological thinking.
5) The distinction between the lower and higher mind.
6) Perceptual shifts.
7) Transpersonal psychology and the concept of a “spiritual emergency”.

To establish optimal guidance, I first determine the sphere of influence a client is in and narrow down his belief system. I work with a model of 3 spheres: physical/psychological, energetic and transcendental. Then, I determine the sphere of influence that he wants to be in. Does he want a balanced transcendence? Does he simply want to be “normal” again? The sphere of influence dictates the content and language I approach the client with. Once the present and desired spheres of influence have been determined, I tailor the consultations around two aspects: 1) transforming the paradigm/understanding 2) Concrete actions to be taken.

Consulting sessions are typically 60 minutes each, conducted on Skype or Zoom.
I charge 55$ CAD for a session. Arrangements can be made to meet in person, especially if you live near my home in Montreal, Canada.

I recommend weekly sessions. However, depending on the urgency of the situation, you may want to meet more than once a week.

Clinical Concerns

This is not a clinical service. I do not diagnose or treat any illness. Having myself experienced two profound psychoses as a result of my spiritual practice, I do not take this work lightly. I know the despair, panic and powerlessness that such episodes can generate. I firmly believe that the best person to help you with a specific problem is the one that has been through it. The objective study of mental imbalance can help you understand it, but the subjective experience of it gives you a depth of understanding that no book can provide. If you do have a clinical diagnosis, I believe my insights and assistance can be a great addition to clinical treatments. Consulting is not meant to replace such clinical services. I believe both approaches can complement each other. I only accept to work with imbalances I am confident I can help alleviate. If you have clinical support, I am available to communicate directly with your clinical team if necessary.