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What if trees could speak? What would they tell us? What kind of language would they use? Would their leaves teach us the wisdom of the Sun? Would their roots teach us the wisdom of the Earth?

Spiritual seeker Philippe Paschali claims to have had these questions answered by a corkscrew willow tree in 2014. What if the wisdom of the Sun and the wisdom of the Earth were the same wisdom dressed in two different costumes? What would we call this wisdom from which all costumes can be removed? Taoists call it the Tao. The willow tree presented it as the Language of Light.

Throughout his meditative practices, Philippe has walked the fine line between mysticism and insanity. Having experienced two psychoses, he has gained a better understanding of what a psychosis really is. A Tree Taught Me The Language Of Light explores the interconnectedness of mystical experiences and mental illness, allowing the reader to draw his own line between the two. Has a tree really communicated the insights contained in this book? That is for you to decide.

What characterizes this book is the left-brain explanation of subjects that are almost always explained with a “right-brain” logic. I have tried communicating my spiritual insights for the past ten years and I realized that people are much more open to a scientifically rational discourse than to a new-age type discourse. For example, instead of speaking of “love and light”, we can speak of “electromagnetic cohesion and the singularity”. The western society is much more trusting of that kind of language. The whole book is about explaining the validity of both types of languages and allowing a scientific-like mind to open up to a “magical-thinking” logic. To create that bridge, one must teach with the language of most readers, which is why I focus on left-brain explanations.

What is the language of light? It is to understand how energy has a human experience. Energy, or light, doesn’t eat, sleep or die. Humans do. Yet, humans are made of atoms, which are entirely made of energy. So if humans are energy, how is it logical that humans eat, sleep and die? Energy doesn’t do any of these things. What I explain in the book is that all life forms exist as a result of what I call the metaphoric transposition process.

What is metaphoric transposition? It is a process in which energy becomes aware of itself. There are multiple degrees of awareness, from absolute awareness to awareness of being a single individual. Once energy is aware of itself, it can become aware of “what is aware of itself.” This generates endless levels of personification, from microscopic life forms to galactic events.

Have you really spoken to a tree? Yes. It only sounds absurd when one doesn’t have an understanding of telepathic communication between contrasting life forms. Everyone communicates in that way every single day. They just aren’t aware of the fact that most of their thoughts don’t come from them.

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